Kyocera DuraSport 5G UW review: hard results

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Assuming you need a sub-$600 rugged telephone that chips away at Verizon’s millimeter wave (mmWave) 5G organization, the DuraSport 5G UW is your primary decision.

Under that durability, the DuraSport is a sub-$300 telephone on a fundamental level. However, the DuraSport has a more modest 4,500mAh battery and accompanies some tremendous open-air applications and camera highlights. This prompts the conspicuous inquiry: is a financial plan rugged telephone worth the premium, or would you say you are in an ideal situation getting a modest 5G telephone and adding an exceptionally defensive case around it?


When each new spending plan telephone is by all accounts over 6.5 inches tall, the DuraSport is shockingly more minor. It’s like the Google Pixel 5A with 5G yet thicker and somewhat thinner (6.09 x 2.78 x 0.39-inch or 154.7 x 70.7 x 9.9mm). They even clone, with similarly adjusted corners and a unique mark sensor on the back – convenient for opening the telephone when you’re wearing a cover.

For a telephone worked to endure the thorough military-grade tests for dust, sand, water, and drop insurance, the DuraSport’s configuration doesn’t shout rough. Dissimilar to its more costly kin, the DuraSport has specific aspects and extents. Yet, it hinders the requirement for a different case: not exclusively is its screen ensured by Gorilla Glass 6, yet it has built up corners, water-tight creases around its buttons, and a Dragontrail Glass over its back cameras. Notwithstanding its additional designing pieces, the Kyocera weighs about equivalent to the Pixel 5A.

Kyocera added a few light surfaces to its back cover and at the edges; however, they don’t give the gadget a lot of significant grasps. I continued to hit the programmable button coincidentally because that is the place where my thumb lands when I wait; the genuine power button is altogether too low for my loving.


Its processor is the financial plan level Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 with 4GB of RAM, making the DuraSport simply a beat slow to open a page or switch among picture and scene mode when watching a YouTube video. This was especially apparent when playing a series of Pokémon Unite, where the center of a fight eased back to such a creep that I was unable to move my Pokémon far removed to evade an assault. While a sub-$300 telephone can pull off only 64GB of capacity, it’s jumbled to the DuraSport’s almost $600 sticker price, regardless of whether it has a microSD card opening for development.

For my situation, I skate on an outside arena in the colder time of year yet am very critical with regards to when I do as such: the temperature should be something like 32 degrees or beneath the previous night and over the day, with the bit of breeze, and after nightfall, so the ice gets an opportunity to solidify. Instead of cycling between various applications, I utilized the Outdoor Portal to screen my neighborhood climate and dusk/dawn information. While I like the comfort of having these applications on my telephone, I was not intrigued that I needed to give the applications constant admittance to my area, even though they said I could restrict the information assortment to when I utilize the applications. On the off chance that you don’t want to use these applications by any means, you don’t need to stress over the area following, yet they are a significant piece of DuraSport’s selling focuses.

Past these open-air applications, the DuraSport runs an unmodified rendition of Android 11. As one of the telephones chosen for the Android Enterprise, This, alongside the reality Kyocera, provides two years of guarantees, contrasted with the business standard of only one year, which implies this telephone should last you a couple of years.

The DuraSport’s 4,500mAh battery is very energy-productive and ready to do without a charge following two days of utilization – and that is from utilizing, for the most part, 4G LTE. In the wake of paying attention to two or three extended web recordings, taking some photographs and recordings, posting and looking through web-based media, and perusing different articles, I got around 15.5 long stretches of screen break of the DuraSport two days. Utilizing the included charger, I had the option to re-energize the telephone within 2.5 hours, which isn’t especially quick. Kyocera says the DuraSport upholds quicker charging, yet a fast charger is excluded from the crate.


We should move this: on the off chance that you’re significant regarding photography, you won’t approve of the cameras on the DuraSport. The cameras take beautiful photographs in excellent lighting conditions, yet they’re not intended for anything testing like low-light or activity photography. Not exclusively do the tones contrast between the primary and ultrawide camera, yet the principle camera also experiences difficulty centering and isolating the subject from the foundation in representation mode. I’ve likewise seen that photographs from low-light conditions look like vignetting around the edges – regardless of whether they were caught with the principle, ultrawide, or selfie camera.

The DuraSport attempts to compensate for its specialized lacks with great video interfaces like the Action Overlay and excellence channels. Ultimately, it’s left somewhere near a camera application that is delayed at exchanging among cameras and will arbitrarily close for not a great explanation, making it disappointing to take photographs with it. You’re most likely paying a premium for the rough plan of the $579.99 DuraSport 5G UW – regardless of the reality, it has modest parts that are more normal in sub-$300 spending plan telephones. Yet, to utilize Verizon’s quicker mmWave 5G organization, the DuraSport is the leading financial plan rough 5G telephone accessible.

If having great cameras on your telephone is more vital to you, and you will acknowledge a water-safe (IP67) rather than a waterproof one (IP68), then, at that point, the $449 Pixel 5A with 5G would be a definitive decision. The inner harmony of having a telephone that can deal with genuine spills and drops without waiting to be supplanted inside a couple of years, because of Kyocera’s two-year guarantee, is beneficial, yet a large portion of us are lucky to be simply putting resources into a sturdy case for another telephone.

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